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The land Baneberry now occupies was settled around the time of the American Revolution. Davy Crockett grew up in Jefferson County and the surrounding deep valleys, lush foothills and thick forests were ideal hideouts for spies working for the Confederacy and the Union (and sometimes both).

Now that same landscape, along with nearly 550 miles of shoreline along Douglas Lake, is home to a beautiful golf course and resort known as Baneberry. Originally designed and built in the early 1970s, Baneberry was incorporated as a city in 1986. That was about the same time Baneberry Golf and Resort started operation. The city now has nearly 500 residents.

Baneberry Golf and Resort is owned by the Warrior Golf family who share a love of golf and a passion for the beauty and quiet hospitality of East Tennessee.

The success of the resort and golf course rests not only on the friendliness of its staff, but also on its unique location, natural beauty, affordability and natural attraction for golfers of all skill levels.


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